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the quote community
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This is a community where people can trade quotes. it can be literary, from songs, moveis, plays, TV shows, musicals, or stuff your friends said that you think is really cool and should be posted for everyone to see!

So here's the deal: if a post goes over a page, or rather, does not fit in a browser window nice and neat, without needing to scroll down, you MUST use a livejournal cut. if you do not, the post will be taken down. you can find out how to do a Lj-Cut here. also, as yes, what fits in a browser window is subjective, but if your in doubt, use a livejournal cut.

There is NO REASON to post pictures in here. However, as the internet is filled with mediaphiles, I will allow it, if the picture is related to the quote, and if it is behind a livejournal cut. If it is not behind the cut, or if it is not related to the quote, the post will be taken down.

If you are looking for quotes from a specific movie, author, or artist, please try google first, before posting a queary.

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